Take the temperature of your customers

A simple click allows you to identify how well your business is performing in the eyes of your customers

The perfect system for your restaurant

Create table tents with Opinion Stand Papyrus QR or text message codes to evaluate how friendly and informative your Servers are. Setup a kiosk at the exit to inquire with your Patrons how their food and overall dining experience was.

Built for brick and mortar retail businesses

Print Opinion Stand Papyrus QR or text message codes on your receipts to evaluate how friendly and helpful your sales staff are. Setup a kiosk in the front or exit of your store to gauge how your customer's shopping experience was.

Real-time feedback on your online store

Using an Opinion Stand Kumo embed code on your website, gather customer feedback on what they thought of your online store's checkout process.

Manage the effectiveness of your live event

Create posters or flyers with Opinion Stand Papyrus QR or text message codes to see how people feel about your event or booth. Placing kiosks around your venue allows your attendees the ability to evaluate all aspects of your event. This includes things like bathroom cleanliness, registration, lines/queues, and more.

An ideal evaluation tool for medical professionals

Place an Opinion Stand kiosk in your lobby to allow your customers to let you know how the wait time was, how their appointment went and what they think of the friendliness of your staff. The kiosk allows you to gather valuable feedback while showcasing to customers how important their happiness is to you.

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